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Collaboration in Action | Language

28 October 2019
12:00pm - 2:00pm
The Roundhouse

Collaboration is essential for success in research, in politics, in creative pursuits, indeed in work of all kinds. But even with the best minds in the room, many things can get in the way.

Have you ever had a sense that you might not actually be speaking the same language as someone with whom you ostensibly share a common language?

Collaboration often demands shared vocabulary. And this can sometimes be difficult to assemble. Translations from humanities to natural science, or from bureaucratese to corporate speak, and back again, may demand as much skill and artfulness as, say, translations between Korean and Japanese.

Join us to explore:

  • What kinds of communication or translation skills are most important for effective collaboration and how can these be acquired?
  • How are differences of idiom and jargon best navigated by those trying to collaborate across different specialisations?
  • What should be done about the proliferation of buzzwords or “managementese” and associated challenges for collaboration?
  • Can collaboration be pursued multi-sensorially as well as multi-lingually (e.g., visually), and what are some useful techniques to this end?


Our three speakers for this masterclass are researchers in aspects of language as well as leaders in interdisciplinary activities giving them a first hand appreciation of language in and of collaboration.

Scientia Professor Dennis Del Favero, UNSW - Del Favero's expertise lies in interdisciplinary art projects that explore the relationship between human and non-human systems through the experimental reformulation of immersive aesthetics using digital media. He is Director of the interdisciplinary centres EPICentre and iCinema.

Professor Nick Enfield, University of Sydney - Nick is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sydney and director of the Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities Advanced Research Centre, and the Sydney Centre for Language Research. He is head of a Research Excellence Initiative on The Crisis of Post-Truth Discourse and a member of The Charles Perkins Centre. His research on language, culture, cognition and social life is based on long term field work in Asia.

A/Professor Amanda Third, Western Sydney University - Amanda's research focuses on socio-cultural dimensions of young people's technology use. She is a leading collaborator in Digital Social and Cultural Research, The Young and Well CRC and has conducted large projects with Google Australia, Google UK, Telstra Foundation, Foundation for Young Australians; as well as being CI on an ARC Linkage and member of a number of national and international working groups.

About the organiser

Meridian 180 is an international, multi-lingual 1200+ membership of academics, policy makers and industry players. We support and promote thought leadership and tri-sectoral collaboration to break down the barriers between research, government and industry.  UNSW is the Oceania|Pacific home of M180.

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Masterclass 3: Temporality, time and rhythm in Collaboration. The idea of time in collaboration is less real than you think.

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